Override Information

Overrides for PHYS&ASTR courses

Prerequisite/Co-requisite Errors:

  • Phys 233:  If you cannot register for Phys 233 course, because Banner says that you do not have some REQUISITE (prerequisite/co-requisite), ask your academic advisor, whom we hereby authorize to enter the requisite override, provided students have had: 2 semesters of BIOL, Calculus 1 and 1 semester of CHM.
  • Students meeting PRE-REQ’S at another institution or Purdue Regional Campus will have to wait till grades/credits are posted to their transcripts.  No PRE-REQ overrides will be granted.

Program/Major Error:

  • Students who cannot register for a Phys Course, because Banner gives a program or major error, should contact Janice Thomaz (thomazj@purdue.edu) .


  • Students should contact the instructor of the course for override approval. 

Class Full:

The Physics Staff will notify the requestor (via email) when the override is approved and placed into the system.  Once completed, the student must register for the class.

***An approved override does NOT mean the registration is done. The student MUST register for the class. 

*** Students can see that an override has been entered into banner via myPurdue: See overrides placed on Mypurdue   

Last Updated: May 2, 2018 2:06 PM