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PHYS219: General Physics

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Fall and Spring, Class 3, lab. 2, cr. 4


PHYS 218

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A broad survey of electricity, magnetism, light, and modern physics for technology students, focussing on the examples and applications especially appropriate to the technology field with generally conservative use of mathematics but giving fully quantitative treatments on selected key topics.


Gutay, Laszlo J.


Gutay, Laszlo J.

Textbook(s) for Fall 2017
Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher Req/Opt Notes
College Physics (stand alone access card) with mastering etext Etkina, Gentile, Van Heuvelen 978-0321918444 Pearson Required
Physics 21900 and 22100 and 25200 Laboratory Manual Andrzej (Andrew) Lewicki 2017/2018 LAD Custom Publishing Required
College Physics (Loose-leaf with Mastering in Physics) Etkina, Gentile, Van Heuvelen 978-0321999252 Pearson Optional
College Physics; Mastering in Physics (with e-text) Vol. 1 & 2 (bound textbook) Etkina, Gentile, Van Heuvelen 978-0321993700 Pearson Optional

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