Physics and Astronomy - Course Details

PHYS526 (PHYS52600)


3.000 Credit Hours


PHYS 360 or 460 or 550


This course is an introduction to the physics of quantum information science. Starting with the concepts of quantum superposition, it defines and describes qubits (quantum bits) and their manipulation by quantum logic gates. The topics of quantum entanglement and the EPR paradox (the only "true" paradox in physics) are introduced, and their importance for quantum teleportation, communication and quantum cryptography are covered. Quantum computing is described in terms of quantum circuits of logic gates, and in terms of quantum algorithms such as Deutche's algorithm, the quantum fourier transform, Shor's prime factoring algorithm and Grover's search algorithm. The final topic is quantum decoherence and the limits it places on practical implementations of quantum computing.

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