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CNN's The Whole Story With Anderson Cooper: Are We Alone In The Universe?
(June 21, 2024)

The future of teaching and learning has arrived
(June 21, 2024)

Commission on Semiconductors (C8) Early Career Scientist Prize 2023 Winners
(June 07, 2024)

New quantum materials promise unimagined innovations in computing, memory
(June 07, 2024)

20 Top Universities For Quantum Computing Research
(May 28, 2024)

2024 NFS Graduate Research Fellowship Program announces awardees and honorable mentions
(May 16, 2024)

Distinguished Professor Chris Greene selected as 2024 Morrill Award winner
(May 10, 2024)

Purdue joins Chicago Quantum Exchange, tapping into the region’s efforts to advance U.S. leadership in quantum technologies
(May 10, 2024)

A more perfect status quo
(May 09, 2024)

2023-24 Physics and Astronomy Awards for faculty, staff and students
(May 08, 2024)

Discover Purdue’s latest and greatest in space sciences
(May 06, 2024)

Jing Liu awarded NSF and NIH grants to study mechanics in human cells
(May 02, 2024)

Professor Qi Zhou honored with University Faculty Scholar award
(April 12, 2024)

Finding the Catalyst for a More Sustainable Future
(April 10, 2024)

Special report: Solar eclipse path of totality
(April 09, 2024)

Purdue University campus pauses to soak up 2024 solar eclipse, experiencing near totality
(April 09, 2024)

Trustees approve faculty promotions
(April 05, 2024)

Purdue students illuminate high schoolers on eclipse
(April 03, 2024)

Physicists Discover a Quantum State With a New Type of Emergent Particles: Six-Flux Composite Fermions
(April 02, 2024)

United Kingdom Invests in DOE’s Electron-Ion Collider Project to Understand Matter at the Smallest Scale
(March 29, 2024)

Paul Corkum: Attosecond Science
(March 27, 2024)

Jupiter’s icy moon may be the next place humans find life, but first, they need to understand the structure of the moon
(March 25, 2024)

Why Magnets are Quantum Materials
(March 14, 2024)

Purdue researchers see possible link with dog, human cancer treatments
(March 11, 2024)

What are the Webb and Hubble telescopes looking at right now? Find out with these new NASA tools
(March 11, 2024)

Purdue Physicists share in $200M Department of Energy Award to upgrade CERN’s CMS detector 
(March 08, 2024)

A New Frontier in Cancer Treatment: Understanding Chemoresistance
(March 04, 2024)

'Anybody's bucket list': April's total solar eclipse selling out hotels in central Indiana
(February 29, 2024)

Boilermakers given rare opportunity to send two crews on back-to-back Mars Desert Research Station missions
(February 29, 2024)

Why do leap years have 366 days?
(February 29, 2024)

Purdue College of Science team’s quantum optics discovery featured in Nature Physics
(February 28, 2024)

What happens during a total solar eclipse? | Purdue astronomer Danny Milisavljevic
(February 28, 2024)

2024 Faculty and Staff Awards
(February 26, 2024)

New Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Tiancong Zhu
(February 26, 2024)

Physicists discover a quantum state with a new type of emergent particles: Six-flux composite fermions
(February 26, 2024)

Purdue physicists discover a quantum state with a new type of emergent particles: six-flux composite fermions
(February 19, 2024)

Why does a leap year have 366 days?
(February 19, 2024)

Purdue researchers edge closer to delivering personalized medicine to cancer patients
(February 08, 2024)

New Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Valentin Walther
(January 23, 2024)

Quantum Research Sciences receives U.S. Air Force’s first Quantum Computing Phase III contract
(January 19, 2024)

Mercury traced to particular cell types in brains of mammals
(January 16, 2024)

Seeking supernovas
(January 16, 2024)

Stellar forensics: Clearest ever look at Cassiopeia A sheds light into the heart of an exploding star
(January 09, 2024)

Purdue reputation in space brings better understanding of the stars, planets and everything in between
(December 21, 2023)

It’s Christmastime in the Cosmos: Astronomers have a long tradition of finding holiday cheer in outer space
(December 19, 2023)

Superfast science earns Purdue Physicists a prestigious W. M. Keck Foundation Grant
(December 18, 2023)

Scientists discover ‘staggering’ features in massive Milky Way star explosion
(December 15, 2023)

Daniel Fleetwood named distinguished National Academy of Inventors Fellow
(December 15, 2023)

Purdue professor talks new detailed view of supernova remnant
(December 13, 2023)

Webb telescope image included in White House Advent calendar
(December 13, 2023)

Aviation Week Announces 2023-2024 Laureate Award Winners
(December 12, 2023)

Star of wonder: Dazzling new image of supernova Cassiopeia A released by First Lady Jill Biden and Purdue astronomer
(December 12, 2023)

NASA's James Webb gave a stunning look at the death throes of a star, capturing details Hubble missed
(December 12, 2023)

Physics World reveals its top 10 Breakthroughs of the Year for 2023
(December 11, 2023)

Researchers stunned by Webb’s new high-definition look at exploded star
(December 11, 2023)

Welcome to the Quantum Age
(December 08, 2023)

Purdue physicists lift a nano-dumbbell with light and spin it at 100 billion rpm near a surface
(December 08, 2023)

Scientists have been researching superconductors for over a century, but they have yet to find one that works at room temperature
(December 05, 2023)

In an unexpected twist, high levels of mercury have been traced to particular cell types in brains of mammals
(December 04, 2023)

Neuromorphic computing will be great… if hardware can handle the workload
(November 09, 2023)

Arianna Meenakshi (Meenakshi) McNamara, 2024 AWM Schafer Prize Winner
(November 07, 2023)

The James Webb Space Telescope is a giant leap in the history of stargazing
(November 07, 2023)

Purdue honors researchers with Seed for Success Acorn Awards
(November 07, 2023)

50 Years of QCD
(October 25, 2023)

Quantum fun is for everyone. Purdue Physics and Astronomy Outreach hosts second annual Quantum Open House.
(October 24, 2023)

Purdue physicists develop experimental techniques to expose various flavors of anyons
(October 23, 2023)

Maxim Lyutikov named 2023 APS Fellow
(October 19, 2023)

Purdue gets DEPSCoR grants worth $2.4 million from Defense Department
(October 16, 2023)

Remembering Jorge H. Rodriguez (1958-2023)
(October 16, 2023)

Neuromorphic computing will be great… if hardware can handle the workload
(October 13, 2023)

Making ‘movies’ at the attosecond scale helps researchers better understand electrons − and could one day lead to super-fast electronics
(October 04, 2023)

Superconductivity at room temperature remains elusive a century after a Nobel went to the scientist who demonstrated it below -450 degrees Fahrenheit
(October 03, 2023)

Enhanced Geothermal, Offshore Wind Energy Gain Earthshot™ Support at PNNL
(September 29, 2023)

Understanding the gravity of the situation: ALPHA scientists prove that antimatter falls at the same rate as matter
(September 27, 2023)

Sederberg leads Purdue Science students in opportunities for learning and service in Colombia
(September 15, 2023)

Dr. David D. Nolte publishes new book with Oxford University Press
(August 29, 2023)

Dr. Ian Arnold joins the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University
(August 24, 2023)

Tongcang Li Named 2023 Moore Foundation Experimental Physics Investigator
(August 23, 2023)

Purdue Team Co-Authors article published in the Journal Nature Communications
(August 23, 2023)

This is Purdue Podcast featuring Dr. Danny Milisavljevic
(August 17, 2023)

Dr. Jing Liu joins the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University
(July 21, 2023)

Driven to detect dark matter:  Jared Newton awarded INSGC graduate fellowship
(July 06, 2023)

Dr. Laura Pyrak-Nolte awarded Dean's Award for Achievement from University at Buffalo
(June 22, 2023)

Combining twistronics with spintronics could be the next giant leap in quantum electronics
(June 19, 2023)

3D InCites Podcast featuring Dr. Michael Manfra
(June 08, 2023)

ECTC 2023: Quantum Computing, Hybrid Bonding, and the CHIPS for America Act
(June 08, 2023)

BBC Science In Action: Brightest supernova in a decade
(May 31, 2023)

Hair-raising contest raises money for Turkish earthquake recovery
(May 19, 2023)

Purdue University Staff Engagement Awarded to David Sederberg
(May 12, 2023)

2022-23 Physics and Astronomy Awards
(May 11, 2023)

Physicists create long-sought topological quantum states
(May 10, 2023)

Scientific Method: When a supermassive black hole devours a star
(May 10, 2023)

Superheroes of Science Podcast: What to Expect (and What to Do) During a Total Solar Eclipse
(May 10, 2023)

Researchers at Purdue discover superconductive images are actually 3D and disorder-driven fractals
(May 07, 2023)

Astronomers detect "Scary Barbie" supermassive black hole ripping apart huge star in "terrifying" spaghettification event
(May 02, 2023)

Astronomers observe a luminous dying star so bright that it's 'terrifying'
(April 28, 2023)

Uncovering a star’s demise: Supermassive black hole tears apart a giant star in a display brighter, more energetic and longer lasting than any observed before
(April 25, 2023)

Rare Isotopes Help Unlock Mysteries in the Argentine Andes
(April 24, 2023)

Faculty promotions for Tongcang Li, Danny Milisavljevic, and Xingshan Cui approved by board
(April 14, 2023)

Dr. Danny Milisavljevic, of Purdue Physics and Astronomy, featured on 60 Minutes.
(April 13, 2023)

Webb telescope captures ‘green monster’ inside a young supernova
(April 13, 2023)

Love of math, physics and unsolved Property F research lands Colton Griffin an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
(April 10, 2023)

Astronomers Blown Away By New NASA Webb Images Of ‘Cassiopeia A’ Supernova Remnant
(April 09, 2023)

Webb Reveals Never-Before-Seen Details in Cassiopeia A
(April 07, 2023)

Purdue University astronomer leads international team that studies Cassiopeia A, the remnant of a supernova
(April 07, 2023)

Department of Energy Grant: Meet the winners
(April 03, 2023)

Harnessing the sun to create hydrogen fuel
(March 24, 2023)

Rare isotopes help unlock mysteries in the Argentine Andes
(March 20, 2023)

Early advocacy paved way for Purdue’s thriving Disability Resource Center
(March 20, 2023)

Center for Quantum Technologies launches Industry-University Cooperative Research Center program
(March 07, 2023)

Discovery of the ‘bubble phase of composite fermions’ confirms existence of a new family of quantum matter
(March 02, 2023)

Heterostructures developed at Purdue support predictions of counterpropagating charged edge modes at the v=2/3 fractional quantum Hall state
(February 20, 2023)

Researchers observe a bubble phase of composite fermions
(February 17, 2023)

Proposed quantum device may realize emergent particles
(February 16, 2023)

Dr. Laimei Nie joins the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University
(February 15, 2023)

Proposed quantum device may succinctly realize emergent particles such as the Fibonacci anyon
(February 13, 2023)

Underdog technologies gain ground in quantum-computing race
(February 07, 2023)

Birth of the Transistor: Bell Labs, Purdue, and the Second World War
(February 03, 2023)

How to Start Your Journey Towards a Purdue Semiconductor Credential
(February 01, 2023)

Beyond the average cell
(January 06, 2023)

2022 In Purdue Research
(December 19, 2022)

Optical Levitation with a Metalens
(December 01, 2022)

Purdue physicists awarded DOE grant for high energy physics and artificial intelligence
(December 01, 2022)

Purdue Expert: Gamma Ray Explosion
(November 28, 2022)

A New Explanation for How Fireflies Flash in Sync
(November 22, 2022)

Community Quantum Open House
(November 17, 2022)

Researchers unlock light-matter interactions on sub-nanometer scales, leading to 'picophotonics'
(November 17, 2022)

Researchers at Purdue unlock light-matter interactions on sub-nanometer scales, leading to ‘picophotonics’
(November 14, 2022)

Tongcang Li selected as University Faculty Scholar
(November 08, 2022)

The FCC's Rules on Space Junk Just Got Stricter
(October 26, 2022)

Casimir analog of a transistor demonstrated at Purdue University
(October 24, 2022)

Potential Dark Matter Signal Gives Way to New Limits
(October 19, 2022)

How Do Fireflies Flash in Sync? Studies Suggest a New Answer.
(October 03, 2022)

Researchers suggest novel way to generate a light source made from entangled photons
(September 12, 2022)

Promoting STEM across the world and to all ages
(September 08, 2022)

Purdue researchers suggest novel way to generate a light source made from entangled photons
(September 07, 2022)

Eighteen Faculty at Purdue University Recognized for Early Career Success
(September 02, 2022)

Duo of Purdue Professors Awarded NSF Grant
(September 01, 2022)

Award winning prototype’s successful review leads to $1.5M manufacturing funding for CMS detector
(August 30, 2022)

Three Indiana research universities to collaborate with industry and government to develop quantum technologies in new NSF-funded center
(August 30, 2022)

Purdue scientist says NASA ‘sonification’ of black hole ‘makes the universe accessible to our senses’
(August 25, 2022)

A 2D Array of Electron and Nuclear Spin Qubits Unveils a New Frontier in Quantum Science and Technology
(August 18, 2022)

2D array of electron and nuclear spin qubits opens new frontier in quantum science
(August 18, 2022)

2D array of electron and nuclear spin qubits opens new frontier in quantum science
(August 15, 2022)

This Curvy Quantum Physics Discovery Could Revolutionize Our Understanding of Reality
(August 08, 2022)

Gabor Csathy named Purdue Physics and Astronomy Department Head
(July 29, 2022)

Purdue University Assistant Professor Danny Milisavljevic on the new James Webb Space Telescope
(July 22, 2022)

Purdue professor to study images from new space telescope
(July 14, 2022)

Purdue scientists already compared the quality of the James Webb Space Telescope to Hubble, and the results are insane
(July 12, 2022)

Purdue hosts telescope watch party, panel
(July 12, 2022)

Axios Newsletter: James Webb Space Telescope
(July 12, 2022)

First images from JWST expected to spotlight wonders of the universe
(July 08, 2022)

Innovation & Failure Learnings from 20+ Years in Silicon Valley
(July 07, 2022)

You are invited to view the first James Webb Space Telescope Images with Purdue Physics and Astronomy!
(July 06, 2022)

GSA names Nathaniel Lifton a 2022 Fellow
(July 01, 2022)

Benjamin Mottelson (1926–2022): Physicist and Nobel prizewinner who revolutionized understanding of the atomic nucleus
(June 17, 2022)

Purdue receives 2021 DEPSCoR grants from Department of Defense
(June 16, 2022)

A new duality discovered at Purdue University solves a physics mystery
(May 23, 2022)

Painting a clearer picture of black holes
(May 16, 2022)

Purdue physics and astronomy professor named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(May 02, 2022)

Presentation Ceremony for Members Elected in 2019
(April 29, 2022)

2022 Physics and Astronomy Awards Celebration
(April 29, 2022)

Laughlin’s Charge Pump Realized
(April 26, 2022)

Connecting students with the cosmos
(April 21, 2022)

New Yorker meets best friend, finds home away from home at Purdue
(April 19, 2022)

Purdue Students Receive Goldwater Scholarship
(April 19, 2022)

Oxford Instruments Announces First Proteox System Installed in North America at Purdue University
(April 18, 2022)

Teaching Excellence at Purdue
(March 30, 2022)

Purdue senior reflects on how disability shaped her educational pursuits
(March 25, 2022)

Scientists may have seen the first hint of CP parity violation in collisions of heavy nuclei
(March 16, 2022)

Anyons Found! Best Evidence Yet for these Long-Sought Quasi-Particles
(March 14, 2022)

Scientists announce discovery of supermassive binary black holes: Two black holes orbiting one another eventually will merge
(March 14, 2022)

Dark Matter Meets Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
(March 14, 2022)

Physicists discover method for emulating nonlinear quantum electrodynamics in a laboratory setting
(March 04, 2022)

Physicists closing in on the mass of neutrinos
(March 04, 2022)

Oxford Instruments Announces Selection of Dr. James Nakamura of Purdue University as the Winner of the 2022 Lee Osheroff Richardson (LOR) Science Prize
(March 02, 2022)

2022 Staff Awards
(February 24, 2022)

Physicists create quantum matter in curved space
(February 14, 2022)

Q&A with Danny Milisavljevic, a Purdue University astronomer
(February 14, 2022)

A million miles away: Webb telescope finally launches
(February 02, 2022)

Seeing the Future Differently with AR and VR
(February 01, 2022)

The James Webb Telescope Arrives to Final Destination
(January 25, 2022)

Researchers at Purdue demonstrate bulk-edge coupling of anyons
(January 18, 2022)

Hubble Telescope successor launches Saturday
(December 25, 2021)

On Christmas Day a new NASA telescope is set to launch
(December 24, 2021)

Alex Ruichao Ma receives NSF CAREER Award to pursue designer quantum materials
(December 22, 2021)

Purdue scientist helps guide the eyes of soon-to-launch Webb Space Telescope, successor to Hubble
(December 16, 2021)

Purdue researchers control the quantum vacuum
(December 13, 2021)

First Collisions Reconstructed with GPUs at CMS
(December 08, 2021)

You're Invited to a James Webb Space Telescope Launch Party with Purdue Physics and Astronomy
(December 02, 2021)

Prof. Rafael Lang awarded APS Division of Particles and Fields Mentorship Award 2021
(November 29, 2021)

Alumna Laura Biedermann is awarded Spark Award
(November 19, 2021)

Purdue University Distinguished Research Award Lecture Series
(November 18, 2021)

Arden L. Bement Jr. Award awarded to Prof. Michael Manfra
(November 16, 2021)

The Hunt for non-Abelian quasiparticles can possibly lead to Fibonacci anyons allowing universal quantum computing
(November 10, 2021)

Darker Skies Bring Observatory to Purdue Wildlife Area
(November 03, 2021)

Hubble Space Telescope's featured photo of the week comes from Professor Danny Milisavljevic
(November 01, 2021)

Dr. Qi-Yu Liang joins the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy
(October 25, 2021)

Chip-based optical tweezers levitate nanoparticles in a vacuum
(October 21, 2021)

Midwest Cold Atom Workshop (MCAW) to be held at Purdue University
(October 21, 2021)

Three professors to receive Purdue’s most prestigious research awards
(October 20, 2021)

U.S. Department of Defense awards $2.8M to Purdue University scientists for quantum education program
(October 19, 2021)

Purdue University research team included in NSF $15M AI award
(September 28, 2021)

World Cancer Research Day: Animated Dynamics predicts a cancer drug’s effectiveness
(September 24, 2021)

A quest for symmetry: Purdue physicists discover symmetry in the Wigner solid
(September 16, 2021)

Researchers use gold film to enhance quantum sensing with qubits in a 2D material
(September 03, 2021)

An unexpected result allows researchers to narrow the scope on the quest for the chiral magnetic effect
(September 03, 2021)

Taking Purdue Gold to a whole new level
(September 02, 2021)

The Promise of Immersive Learning: Augmented and Virtual Reality’s Potential in Education
(August 30, 2021)

Purdue Physics and Astronomy Spotlight Series
(August 10, 2021)

Department head selection continues, interim head begins Aug. 16
(August 09, 2021)

Purdue physicist earns global recognition with Falling Walls Foundation honor
(July 28, 2021)

XENON/DARWIN and LUX-ZEPLIN collaboration allows for next-generation dark matter detector
(July 21, 2021)

Stored for 50 Years, Technology is Finally Advanced Enough to Analyze Apollo Moon Samples
(July 16, 2021)

Wall Street Journal, place Greater Lafayette among top housing markets in U.S.
(July 02, 2021)

Soaking up the sun: Artificial photosynthesis promises a clean, sustainable source of energy
(July 02, 2021)

Still taking giant leaps from lunar small steps: Purdue scientists analyze moon dust collected by Apollo 17 astronauts
(June 28, 2021)

Instruction during pandemic provides foundation for future STEM education
(June 23, 2021)

Soaking up the sun: Artificial photosynthesis promises a clean, sustainable source of energy
(June 15, 2021)

Flying among the stars: Purdue University professor using virtual reality to teach astronomy
(June 01, 2021)

VR in universities a welcome addition, but not yet 'plug-and-play'
(May 27, 2021)

Building the workforce for the Quantum Age
(May 18, 2021)

Purdue Physics and Astronomy graduate student awarded INSGC fellowship
(May 07, 2021)

Big Ten Men’s Tennis All-Conference Teams and Individual Awards Announced
(May 07, 2021)

Purdue Physics and Astronomy announces departmental awards
(May 05, 2021)

Purdue’s top students to be recognized during 2021 commencement
(May 05, 2021)

Graduate student parents persevere in spite of pandemic-induced chaos and isolation
(May 05, 2021)

Flying among the stars: Purdue University professor using virtual reality to teach astronomy
(May 04, 2021)

The Installation of the Beam Pipe: A Delicate Surgical Operation at the Heart of the CMS Experiment
(May 04, 2021)

Purdue students are using VR to explore the cosmos, remotely
(May 04, 2021)

Purdue students earn prestigious Goldwater scholarships
(April 19, 2021)

Dark Matter’s Last Stand
(April 16, 2021)

Faculty promotions at Purdue approved by board
(April 09, 2021)

Graduate student parents persevere in spite of pandemic-induced chaos and isolation
(April 05, 2021)

ALPHA collaboration researchers successfully laser cool antimatter hydrogen atoms
(March 31, 2021)

Searching for New Physics with Very High Energy Lepton Pairs
(March 29, 2021)

Promising Forecast For Doppler Radar-Based Diagnostics
(March 18, 2021)

Scientists use Doppler to treat infections and improve lives like never before
(March 10, 2021)

Catching quakes caused by energy exploration before they happen
(March 10, 2021)

Doppler Used in Novel Microbial Assay To Tell a Friend from a Foe
(March 05, 2021)

Purdue celebrates distinguished professor elected to the National Academy of Engineering
(March 03, 2021)

Scientists Use Weather Radar To Watch Microbes Brew Inside Cells
(March 03, 2021)

Society of Physics Students at Purdue University awarded a Chapter Research Award for liquid rope coiling effect research
(March 01, 2021)

Scientists use Doppler to peer inside cells, leading to better, faster diagnoses and treatments of infections
(February 25, 2021)

Dr. Mario J. Paniccia elected to the National Academy of Engineering
(February 21, 2021)

Spectacular ‘honeycomb heart’ revealed in iconic stellar explosion
(February 14, 2021)

Spectacular 'honeycomb heart' revealed in iconic stellar explosion
(February 14, 2021)

This ragtag crew are shaking up the world of earthquake prediction
(February 14, 2021)

Say It With A Supernova: Fly Through A Heart-Shaped Nebula Of ‘Nuclear Waste’ On Valentine’s Day
(February 14, 2021)

STORY UPDATE: Astronomer maps and studies the stars from afar
(February 12, 2021)

Quantum computing enables simulations to unravel mysteries of magnetic materials
(February 09, 2021)

Sydor Technologies Included on Purdue University Research Team selected by NASA
(February 01, 2021)

Dr. Paul Duffell joins the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University
(January 21, 2021)

Astronomers Rewind the Clock to Calculate Age of Supernova Blast From Massive Star Explosion
(January 19, 2021)

Researchers rewind the clock to calculate the age and site of supernova blast
(January 14, 2021)

Purdue researchers use quantum-biochemical calculations to show key SARS-CoV-1 coronavirus behavior
(January 13, 2021)

Physicists quantum simulate a system in which fermions with multiple flavors behave like bosons
(January 13, 2021)

IDOE Adds Climate Change Education Framework
(January 11, 2021)

Purdue professor uses a new geometric framework to study quantum dynamics
(January 04, 2021)

Researchers map electrons to move one step closer to better quantum computers
(December 01, 2020)

New Purdue master’s degree in graduate studies provides framework for interdisciplinary majors
(November 30, 2020)

Do you know where your cancer drugs come from?
(November 30, 2020)

Dr. Laura Pyrak-Nolte named AAAS 2020 Fellow
(November 25, 2020)

Dr. Laura Pyrak-Nolte elected 2020 AGU Fellow
(November 18, 2020)

Yulia Pushkar has been appointed Showalter University Faculty Scholar
(November 18, 2020)

Professor Michael J. Manfra named Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy
(November 13, 2020)

Study reveals 60% cancer patients do not respond effectively to chemotherapy treatments
(October 28, 2020)

Efficiently coupled microring circuit for on-chip cavity QED with trapped atoms
(October 27, 2020)

Molecular Mechanisms of SARS Coronavirus Binding to hACE2
(October 27, 2020)

Technology shines the light on ovarian cancer treatments
(October 22, 2020)

K-12 teachers: teaching climate change
(October 21, 2020)

Chattering dust allows scientists to see how fluids flow through rock
(October 19, 2020)

Herbert Newby McCoy Distinguished Lecture: Dr. Chris Greene
(September 24, 2020)

Using engineering to strengthen human bones
(September 24, 2020)

K-12 Outreach presents "Lazy Days"
(September 23, 2020)

For the answers to the universal questions, Dan Milisavljevic looks to the sky
(September 10, 2020)

New evidence that the quantum world is even stranger than we thought
(September 07, 2020)

Purdue to participate in national quantum science research push
(September 01, 2020)

NASA Missions Explore a ‘TIE Fighter’ Active Galaxy
(August 26, 2020)

Dr. Jukka Vayrynen joins the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University
(August 14, 2020)

Dr. Chris Greene is awarded the 2020 Herbert Newby McCoy Award
(August 14, 2020)

Dr. Mia Liu joins the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University
(August 13, 2020)

CMS sees evidence for the Higgs boson decaying into muons. Purdue physicists contributed to the discovery.
(August 04, 2020)

Purdue graduate rolls dice on an unexpected career move
(July 31, 2020)

COVID-19, Spring 2020: How a newly discovered virus changed the entire teaching process within two weeks
(July 29, 2020)

Welcome anyons! Physicists find best evidence yet for long-sought 2D structures
(July 10, 2020)

Physicists have ‘braided’ strange quasiparticles called anyons
(July 09, 2020)

Can a billion-sensor array detect dark matter through its gravity?
(July 06, 2020)

Physics grad student Abigail Kopec awarded fellowship from the Indiana Space Grant Consortium
(June 23, 2020)

Is teleportation possible? Yes, in the quantum world
(June 22, 2020)

Raphael Lang's work with XENON1T featured on CNET
(June 19, 2020)

Dark matter hunters’ inconclusive signal grabs headlines
(June 19, 2020)

Puzzling 'excess events' may be pointing to dark matter, scientists say
(June 17, 2020)

Laura Pyrak-Nolte selected to receive award from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists
(May 12, 2020)

2019 - 2020 Student Awards
(May 12, 2020)

Physics and Astronomy student receives Fulbright grant
(May 12, 2020)

Students of Physics award outstanding faculty
(May 12, 2020)

CERN: Scientists ‘at the bleeding edge’ with upgrade to CMS detector
(May 06, 2020)

Purdue quantum research receives Department of Defense funding
(May 05, 2020)

Enhancing the muon in compact muon solenoid
(May 04, 2020)

Purdue researcher used 3D printers to develop a new way of understanding structural fractures
(April 22, 2020)

Faculty promotions at Purdue approved by board
(April 10, 2020)

Purdue researchers 3D-print minerals in order to better predict fracture formation
(April 09, 2020)

Purdue Physics student earns Goldwater Scholarship.
(April 09, 2020)

Prof. Manfra named Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy
(February 07, 2020)

Li research group creates world's fastest spinning object
(January 17, 2020)

Prof. Nolte and Oxford University Press release 2nd edition of "Introduction to Modern Dynamics"
(November 18, 2019)

Derek Tournear (BS 98) named director of Space Development Agency
(October 28, 2019)

Unique properties of quantum material explained for first time
(October 22, 2019)

DoE awards nearly $7 million to Purdue-based startup to advance nuclear technology using artificial intelligence and machine learning
(October 16, 2019)

Prof. Iyer-Biswas featured on Superheroes of Science podcast
(October 03, 2019)

Díaz de la Rubia chosen to lead research enterprise at University of Oklahoma
(September 12, 2019)

William Robertson (PhD 1988) receives MTSU's highest faculty honor
(August 25, 2019)

Katherine Schreiber (PhD 2018) wins Springer Thesis Award
(August 20, 2019)

Manfra group to investigate whether quasiparticles are a suitable basis for quantum computing
(August 07, 2019)

Prof. Chen named Karl Lark-Horovitz Professor of Physics and Astronomy
(August 02, 2019)

James Thomson (PhD 1972) to speak at August commencement
(July 23, 2019)

Tomas Diaz de la Rubia receives honorary doctorate
(June 27, 2019)

Nolte research group will use Tyler Trent's donated cells for cancer research
(May 22, 2019)

Prof. Carlson one of eight Purdue faculty named Fulbright Scholars
(May 03, 2019)

Prof. Greene elected to National Academy of Sciences
(April 29, 2019)

New robust device may scale up quantum tech
(April 24, 2019)

Prof. Chen named 2019 Villum Investigator
(April 02, 2019)

2019 College of Science Alumni Awards
(March 29, 2019)

Purdue to host international symposium of quantum science and technology, 21-23 April
(March 20, 2019)

Department announces Raman Prize and Ramdas Award
(March 19, 2019)

New hurdle cleared in race toward quantum computing
(March 04, 2019)

Kwok (PhD 1987) named Outstanding Referee by American Physical Society
(February 28, 2019)

'Immunizing' quantum bits so that they can grow up
(February 26, 2019)

Prof. Fischbach featured on Big Picture Science podcast
(February 18, 2019)

$1M award from Keck Foundation supports quantum matter, string theory research
(February 14, 2019)

Prof. Rokhinson to receive College of Science Research Award
(February 08, 2019)

CMS collaboration continues search for new physics
(January 30, 2019)

New quantum system could help design better spintronics
(January 29, 2019)

Purdue dives deeper into potentially game-changing field of quantum science and engineering
(January 24, 2019)

Los Alamos National Lab hosting earthquake prediction challenge
(January 15, 2019)

John Monnier (BS 93) receives 2019 AAS Joseph Weber Award for Astronomical Instrumentation
(January 09, 2019)

Li research group builds Feynman's ratchet for the first time
(October 26, 2018)

Pushkar research group pins down key process in photosynthesis
(October 24, 2018)

Quantum computers tackle big data with machine learning
(October 12, 2018)

PRIME Lab measurements shed new light on how humans migrated into the Americas
(October 08, 2018)

2017 Nobel Laureate Barry Barish to discuss "What if We Could Hear Gravity" as part of Purdue's Ideas Festival
(October 08, 2018)

Prof. Iyer-Biswas receives Showalter Trust early faculty career grant
(October 05, 2018)

Prof. Jung named a LHC Physics Center Distinguished Researcher
(October 02, 2018)

Prof. Nolte publishes sixth book - Galileo Unbound
(September 26, 2018)

Greene research group shows how to create a ghost chemical bond
(September 17, 2018)

Milisavljevic research group witnesses birth of new star from stellar explosion
(September 12, 2018)

Postdoc Jie Zhao wins award named for alumnus Lee Grodzins
(September 10, 2018)

Long-sought decay of Higgs boson observed
(August 28, 2018)

Prof. Caffee elected AGU Fellow
(August 10, 2018)

Li Research Group - World’s fastest man-made spinning object could help study quantum mechanics
(July 20, 2018)

VERITAS Supplies Critical Piece to Neutrino Discovery Puzzle
(July 12, 2018)

Csathy research group shows how paired and lined-up electrons can be manipulated in semiconductors
(June 20, 2018)

High Energy Physics group will be part of Mu2e experiment at Fermi National Laboratory
(June 19, 2018)

PRIME Lab measurements show East Antarctic Ice Sheet should remain stable as temperatures rise
(June 13, 2018)

David Blasing receives 2018 Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award
(April 25, 2018)

Nolte group uses Doppler light scattering to determine how patients respond to chemotherapy
(April 23, 2018)

Purdue contributes to experiments on light-matter interactions for potential quantum technology applications
(April 17, 2018)

Research in the Iyer-Biswas group tested a model that describes single cell behavior by studying a cell population
(April 05, 2018)

George Best (BS 1942), Los Alamos Living Treasure
(March 29, 2018)

Very thin film could help manage heat flow in future devices
(March 26, 2018)

Li Research Group performs first experimental validation of several fluctuation theorems
(February 23, 2018)

3-D X-ray microscope bridges science, engineering, and biomedical applications
(February 16, 2018)

Prof. Laura Pyrak-Nolte named Distinguished Professor
(February 09, 2018)

Prof. Erica Carlson named 150th Anniversary Professor
(February 07, 2018)

First laser study of atomic antimatter
(December 22, 2016)

Department joins WIYN consortium
(December 15, 2016)

PRIME Lab research shows Greenland wasn't always covered in ice
(December 07, 2016)

Prof. Manfra honored at Purdue's 1st Distinguished and Named Professorship Ceremony
(November 14, 2016)

Solar physicists unlock easier way to observe peculiar particles that reveal the inner workings of the sun
(November 09, 2016)

Researchers detail formation of massive moon basin
(October 27, 2016)

Weak atomic bond, theorized 14 years ago, observed for first time
(October 27, 2016)

Mike Moses (BS 89) named President of Virgin Galactic
(October 13, 2016)

Prof. Hung awarded Air Force Young Investigator Research grant
(October 11, 2016)

Kathleen Falconer (MS 96) receives Homer L. Dodge Citation for Distinguished Service
(October 10, 2016)

Profs. Chen and Rokhinson elected APS Fellows
(October 10, 2016)

Prof. Neumeister named 2017 LPC Distinguished Researcher
(October 06, 2016)

Connolly, Kwok named 2016 College of Science Outstanding Alumni
(September 23, 2016)

Levitating nanoparticle improves 'torque sensing,' might bring new research into fundamentals of quantum theory
(September 15, 2016)

Prof. Hung and colleagues simulate quantum magnetism
(August 31, 2016)

Prof. Chen leads an NSF NewLAW project that will attempt to break the classical laws of physics
(August 15, 2016)

Prof. Li's research group demonstrates electron spin control on levitated nanodiamonds
(July 17, 2016)

Prof. Mugler awarded 2016 Human Frontier Science Program grant to study cellular timekeeping
(June 20, 2016)

Animated Dynamics Inc. raises funds to improve targeted cancer treatments.
(June 15, 2016)

Purdue-NOAO team spots "monster" galaxy cluster formation
(May 27, 2016)

High Energy physics group partners with ITaP to handle LHC massive data set
(April 22, 2016)

Prof. Manfra to lead Station Q Purdue and work with Microsoft to develop quantum computing
(April 18, 2016)

Post-doc Petropoulou wins MERAC Prize for best doctoral thesis in theoretical astrophysics
(April 15, 2016)

Prof. Manfra named Bill and Dee O'Brien Professor of Physics and Astronomy
(April 11, 2016)

Prof. Li receives NSF CAREER Award
(April 04, 2016)

Saturday Morning Astrophysics reaches out to Indiana middle and high school students
(February 19, 2016)

Profs. Pyrak-Nolte and Nolte develop a method to remotely evaluate fluid flow in subsurface fractures
(February 18, 2016)

Gravitational wavelengths: A 100-year-old space theory confirmed
(February 12, 2016)

Antihydrogen remains neutral in ALPHA experiments
(January 22, 2016)

Two cells are better than one at sensing the environment, but five is a crowd
(January 22, 2016)

Greg Boebinger (BS 81) receives Francis G. Slack Award for excellence in service to physics
(January 22, 2016)

Prof. Li part of group proposing quantum teleportation for memory transfer
(January 19, 2016)

Bismuth-based nanoribbons show 'topological' transport, potential for new technologies
(January 19, 2016)

Prof. Mugler helps create rolling DNA motor
(December 02, 2015)

XENON1T detector inaugurated
(November 12, 2015)

STAR Collaboration measures force that makes antimatter stick together
(November 04, 2015)

Dennis Krause (PhD 94) delivers Wabash College Charles D. LaFollette Lecture in the Humanities
(November 03, 2015)

May the 5th force be with you, Professor Fischbach
(October 29, 2015)

Timothy Beers (BS 79) and Galactic Archaeology group produce the first age map of the Milky Way halo
(October 28, 2015)

Csathy group observes a novel phase transition in topological materials
(October 26, 2015)

Profs. Carlson and Manfra elected APS Fellows
(October 06, 2015)

Outstanding Alumni 2015
(September 25, 2015)

Li Yi (PhD 14) receives Chorafas Prize
(September 22, 2015)

Animated Dynamics to receive Small Business Innovation Research grant
(September 16, 2015)

Skatepark Physics at the Indiana State Museum
(September 04, 2015)

Michael Anderson (BS 2010) on cutting edge of cancer fight
(September 02, 2015)

XENON100 detector shines in search for dark matter
(August 21, 2015)

Prof. David Nolte named Distinguished Professor
(July 17, 2015)

Simons Foundation recognizes Prof. Andrew Mugler
(July 08, 2015)

Prof. John Finley named department head
(June 18, 2015)

LHC experiments back in business at record energy
(June 03, 2015)

Animated Dynamics (AniDyn) wins Tech Innovation of the Year
(May 02, 2015)

Gene Bulman named Distinguished Alumnus for 2015
(April 17, 2015)

Lutron founder Joel Spira (BS 1948) passes away at 88
(April 10, 2015)

Dr. Mary Bishai (PhD 99) named American Physical Society Fellow
(March 17, 2015)

Prof. Lynn Bryan named to Butler Center for Leadership 2015 Distinguished Women Scholars
(February 10, 2015)

Prof. David Nolte's book, Introduction to Modern Dynamics, released by Oxford University Press
(February 09, 2015)

Meteorite material born in molten spray as embryo planets collided
(January 14, 2015)

'Topological insulators' promising for spintronics, quantum computers
(November 13, 2014)

Purdue-based startup measures movement in cells to improve cancer drug development
(November 04, 2014)

Science on Tap will explore the mystery of our universe: Dark Matter
(October 27, 2014)

Department of Physics and Astronomy recognizes Outstanding Alumni for 2014
(October 10, 2014)

The Stopping Power of Hot Nuclear Matter
(September 22, 2014)

Undergraduate Branden Burns earns award for research poster at TECHCON conference
(September 18, 2014)

Purdue professors peer into final frontier
(September 11, 2014)

Animated Dynamics receives NSF award to develop microscope attachment for cell dynamics study
(August 28, 2014)

Construction begins on Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
(August 21, 2014)

R&D Magazine features Dr. Virginia Ayres' (PhD 85) research on nanomaterials and radiation resiliency
(August 06, 2014)

John Monnier (BS 93) receives 2014 Michelson Prize
(July 29, 2014)

Pushkar group research on spinach points to a powerful alternative energy source
(July 23, 2014)

Prof. Lang featured on 'Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman'
(July 14, 2014)

Prof. Robicheaux part of international antimatter experiment
(June 23, 2014)

Professor Melosh selected as Purdue's 2014 McCoy Award winner
(June 17, 2014)

CERN's ALPHA experiment measures charge of antihydrogen
(June 12, 2014)

Professor Michael Manfra chosen as University Faculty Scholar
(April 24, 2014)

Dr. Burke Minsley (BS 97) awarded Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
(April 24, 2014)

Debra Dolby Guillemaud named Distinguished Alumna for 2014
(April 11, 2014)

University of Maryland recognizes Dr. Andrew Elmore (BS 97)
(April 11, 2014)

Trustees approve department name change
(February 21, 2014)

Prof. Ramdas elected AAAS Fellow
(December 18, 2009)

Prof. Shipsey Appointed Co-Leader of the LHC Physics Center at Fermilab
(November 18, 2009)

Prof. Rokhinson describes his spintronics research at the Royal Society in London (
(October 28, 2009)

CLEO particle physics experiment breaks publication world record
(September 22, 2009)

Professor overcomes leukemia,deafness (Purdue Exponent)
(September 17, 2009)

Roger Boyce of physics outreach retires after 17 years on the road
(September 03, 2009)

Graduate Students Sannah Ziama and Abraham Olson Awarded NSF Fellowships
(September 02, 2009)

Three faculty win NSF CAREER awards in 2009
(September 01, 2009)

Twinkling nanostars cast new light into biomedical imaging
(July 21, 2009)

Sponsored program awards in the College of Science up 18 percent
(July 17, 2009)

Prof. Bortoletto named Distinguished Professor of Physics
(July 10, 2009)

Professor Overhauser receives 2009 Russell Varian Prize
(June 23, 2009)

Professor Kim to speak on Bose-Einstein Condensation Nuclear Fusion
(May 27, 2009)

Alexander Nicolaas Gerritsen, Emeritus Professor of Physics, 1913-2009
(May 20, 2009)

Graduate student Steven Kane (major Professor David Koltick) received an award from the Midwest Crossroads Alliance for Graduate Education and Professoriate (AGEP)
(May 13, 2009)

Physics sophomore stars in Civic Theater of Greater Lafayette production
(May 13, 2009)

Professor Ian Shipsey appointed to joint DoE/NSF panel
(April 17, 2009)

Professor Kruczenski selected as Alfred P. Sloan Fellow
(March 20, 2009)

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