2017-2018 Calendar

Saturday Morning Astrophysics Events
eclipses.jpgEclipsesSeptember 9, 2017Explore the geometry of different kinds of eclipses, how any why these occur, and what we can learn from them.
cosmic-scales.jpgCosmic ScalesOctober 14, 2017Model the solar system at a constant size and distance scale and explore what's beyond.
impact-craters.jpgImpact CratersNovember 11, 2017Experimentally explore variables modeling crater formation. What energy of impact killed the dinosaurs?
micro-observatory.jpgMicro-ObservatoryDecember 9, 2017Collect and work with astronomical images using a remote observatory; reduce and analyze your results.
optics-night-sky.jpgOptics and the Night SkyJanuary 13, 2018Learn about different kinds of telescopes, how lenses work and use telescopes and technology to explore objects in the night sky.
universe-dark-matter.jpgGlue of the Universe - Dark MatterFebruary 10, 2018Use the fundamentals of rotational motion to learn how matter we cannot directly see is a binding force of our universe.
exoplanets.jpgExoplanetsMarch 10, 2018Analyze the evidence that leads astronomers on the quest to discover other possibly inhabitable worlds.
light-back-time.jpgHow Far, How Long Ago?April 14, 2018Using light from the early universe, look back in time to learn about the cosmos.
big-ideas.jpgBig Ideas - Big QuestionsMay 12, 2018Follow the discoverers. What drove them and what did they find? What still remains?


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