Physics on the Road

Roadshow Photo
Purdue SPS student volunteers setting up
Roadshow Photo
As part of the cryogenic show, students compete to complete a circuit using a battery, bulb, and only one wire.

Physics on the Road programs are presentations prepared for larger groups, designed around central themes and aimed at learning specific scientific concepts. In our "Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Show Starring N2," for example, students discover how intrinsic and observable properties of common materials can change at extreme temperatures.

Beyond the novelty and awe of common phenomena related to cryogenics, we contextualize concepts related to changes in sound, electrical conductivity and resistance, and pressure of enclosed gases, for example, as consequences of thermal energy and the particle nature of matter.


Road Show
During Grandparents' Day at Sugar Creek Elementary, grandparent "electrons" and student "atoms" model the concepts of thermal energy and electrical resistance.
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