Classroom Visitation

Sometimes teachers find the need to provide their students alternative ways of looking at relevant scientific concepts and phenomena in the classroom.  Purdue’s Physics and Astronomy Outreach welcomes opportunities to extend K-12 classroom instruction with inquiry-based activities that coincide with the local curriculum. 

One of our popular topics is nanoscience and nanotechnology.  In upper middle and high school grades, we can provide materials for students to synthesize a nanoscale-based magnetic fluid. 

Classroom Nano 0169 Classroom Nano 0171
Class Room Nano 0173

We also have a unique sequence of investigations through which students learn about magnetism.  Our magnetism sequence can be adapted to multiple grade levels. 

Classroom 2637 Classroom 0754
An assortment of materials exhibiting different and varying kinds of magnetic behavior. Even pickles are magnetic!
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