Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Show at Sugar Creek Elementary

(Starring Batteries, Bulbs, Bells, and Balloons)

Physics Outreach and the Purdue SPS (Society of Physics Students) engaged fourth and fifth grade students at Sugar Creek Elementary on Grandparents Day with a presentation based on themes related to cryogenic temperatures.

SPS members at Cryogenics show
Events of the afternoon were led by SPS members Rachel Fulper, David Blasing, Aaron Zimmerman, Chris Kraner, and Li Yi, pictured at left, with Director of Physics Outreach, Dr. David Sederberg.

Students and their grandparents explored the effects of extreme temperatures on physical properties of materials, sound, electrical conductivity and resistance. Teams of students competed with their grandparents in constructing a circuit using a battery, bulb and wire.

A highlight of our presentation was the modeling of how resistance in a wire decreases with a decrease in temperature. In a kinesthetic enactment, students occupied the places of atoms in a metallic wire and learned how thermal energy impedes conductance. Their grandparents played the roles of electrons! Check out the video below.

Last Updated: May 5, 2016 4:52 PM